Cheap Hotel Milan Hotels 3 Star in Milan close to Railway Station - Hotel Charly 

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Everyone who has experienced a trip to Northern Italy knows how difficult it is to find cheap hotels in Milan. Apparently, it is not for all budget possibilities.

But there always is a solution to even the most desperate problem. Hotel Charly is one of the cheapest hotels in Milan city centre. Just take a look at our incredibly favourable position, next to the Central Station and to three Underground stations where to take a train a get easily around our beautiful city.

And when you have finished, consider staying at our hotel, thus profiting from our great rates, and taking a fast daily return train to Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, Bologna, and Naples. With a less-than-three-hour trip you can get as far as Rome and visit the essentials of the Capital and get back in time for tasting your best Risotto alla Milanese, all in the very same day.


Lowest price Maximum price
Single room queen bed with Bath room € 60,00 € 160,00
Triple Room with bath room € 80,00 € 310,00
Double room with bath room € 68,00 € 230,00